The Walkaway Program

What is it?

WALKAWAY is a series of smart, responsible, debt protection products that guard you against unexpected circumstances which can make it difficult to make the payments on your vehicle's lease or loan. If something unexpected happens to you - like experiencing a physical disability or losing your job - our unique products can eliminate your vehicle debt or make payments on your behalf.

Protection from the unexpected.

WALKAWAY Protection assists vehicle buyers who experience:

  • - Involuntary Unemployment
  • - Physical Disability
  • - Loss of Driver's License (Age & Medical)
  • - Accidental Death
  • - Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy
  • - Critical Illness requiring Hospitalization
  • - Temporary Job Layoff
  • - Mental Disability
  • - Self-Employed Disability
  • - Family/Medical Leave of Absence

The WALKAWAY difference:
Our products protect everyone.

Qualifying for WALKAWAY is different from other products:
  • - No pre-existing health exclusions
  • - No health questions or good health statements
  • - No employment questions
  • - No age limits on complimentary coverage

Our products protect everyone. Our WALKAWAY dealers have taken back more vehicles, from more people in distress, for more different reasons, than any other debt protection product.


The first year is yours - compliments of the dealership.

Every vehicle financed or leased at an authorized WALKAWAY dealership comes with one year of complimentary protection.

You can choose extended coverage for the full length of your financing term, upgrade your protection to cover more circumstances, or even add payment relief to help keep you in your vehicle through difficult times. Whether you choose to extend or not - the first year is complimentary - your WALKAWAY dealership is picking up the tab.

Why choose a WALKAWAY Dealership?

Why not! Every vehicle, leased or financed is protection. The coverage is extensive and can eliminate most (if not all) of your vehicle debt should life not go as planned.